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Shareholders of Fars Craftsman Development Company

The company, the largest subsidiary of SA Iran, was founded in 1352 with the aim of producing and supplying the required electronic and telecommunication systems. With more than 1,500 staff in 8 different industries, the company supports a wide range of electronics and complementary technologies. With the most advanced manufacturing facilities and laboratory equipment, the company is designing and manufacturing the most modern military and civilian equipment, especially telecommunication equipment.

Shiraz Electronic Industries Subsidiary

  • IT industry
    Electronics and Laser Industry
    Aviation Electronics Industry
    Marine Electronics Industry
    Radar Industry
    Forest industry
    Lighting Industry
    Mechanical industry
Founded in 1976, the company is a leading manufacturer of hybrid microelectronics, smart card micromodules, piezo-ceramics and special sensors.
Iran’s electronics industry is the most advanced and best-selling company in the field of chip card production such as phone cards, smart cards, SIM cards and so on.
With its PCB production line, the PCB production line can design and produce the most sophisticated PCBs and flexible multilayer boards.
In addition to electronic components, Iran’s electronics industry is active in the supply and production of electronic and telecommunication systems such as GSM, HDSL, PCM, WLL and medical equipment.
One of the company’s recent achievements is the design and production of a SIM Card for third-generation CDMA mobile networks based on 3GPP standards.
The company was founded in 1346 with the participation of Siemens Germany. The main activity of the company is to design and produce all kinds of high-end switching centers for telecommunication network of the country. The company employs more than 1,600 specialist and technical staff to date, providing more than two-thirds of landline and nearly half of the country’s mobile phone centers.
The ITMC not only utilizes the participation of international companies such as Siemens, NEC and Alcatel in its products, but also supports the design and loading of its Mobile Capacity Switching Center (MSC), Low Capacity Fixed Call Center in support of its research activities. ITMX, BTS portable and more.

Fars Consortium Development Company (Fars Consortium) in order to make more use of its management capabilities and make better use of the facilities and equipment available in Fars province with the support of senior managers and CEOs of Iranian Telecommunication Company Companies – Iran Electronic Industries – Shiraz Electronic Industries Cooperation with a number of experienced executives after holding numerous meetings and consulting with top industrial, commercial, economic and policy makers of Iran and Fars province has been present in the summer of 2006 and has registered with the Industrial and Commercial Registry Office of Shiraz. it is arrived .